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BUY  A  FEMINIST  ARTIFACT  FOR  YOUR  HOME  OR  OFFICE:  Place your bids NOW on herstoric desks, a 7-foot conference or dining table, and more.  For  details, click on “How/When to Reach Us.”.   
HOW/WHEN TO REACH US    Each depositor insured up to $100,000 by


National Credit Union Administration

FOR MEMBERS ONLY  Apply for a loan on a mobile home in a  rented  space in San Diego county.  (Click on “Services” then on “Loans”)  

Apply for a loan  before  you make a major purchase.  Lock in your rate for 30 days, even on a car loan or mobile home loan!

Loan  Discount Program includes Discounts  on  Energy Efficiency Loans (EELs)

Buy or refinance: a fuel-efficient car (35 MPG & up); energy efficient windows, appliances, insulation, etc. (For details, click on “Services,” then “Loans”).

Our discount program  also  offers extra discounts to our long-term supporters as well as those who refer new qualified borrowers. 

Did you receive a letter from the IRS about your 2004 taxes?  Click here
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